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Your car’s AC is one of the most-used but often-overlooked components. At times, the air conditioning system may break down completely, which will require an extensive service. However, common AC issues can be rectified with an AC recharge, which involves refilling the coolant inside the system. At Quality Assured Fleet Services, we specialise in air conditioning recharge in Royton.

The air conditioning system is a closed one, and most common problems are caused due to mechanical issues. Therefore, leaks, loose pipes and sieves and compressor malfunction can all cause an AC to malfunction. All of these situations can be dealt with using repairs, but dipping coolant levels involves a more complicated process.

Also known as aircon regas at Royton, an AC recharge will once again enable the system to work properly.

Symptoms of a faulty AC

A car’s AC does not receive as much attention as it should. Our experts at Quality Assured Fleet Services recommend that you get the AC checked every time you go for car repairs. Besides, they also point out the signs of a malfunctioning AC:

  • Inadequate cooling: When you have turned on the AC to full-blast, but it is still unable to cool the cabin, it may be time to service the car’s air conditioning in Royton.
  • Mouldy smell: Strange and foul smells inside a car is indicative of fungi forming inside the moist corners of the AC mechanism. You will need to service the AC.
  • Strange noises: If there are different sounds when the AC is working, it might indicate problems from low coolant levels to broken hoses. Bring your car to Quality Assured Fleet Services.

How can we help?

Our facility has a team of technical experts who can carry out an aircon regas at Royton swiftly and efficiently. We have a scientific service session in place:

  1. First, we check for any broken fan blades, leaks or loose hoses inside the AC. If they are present, we will fix them. We will also mend broken ‘O’ seals.
  2. We extract the remaining coolant and channel it to a recycling machine. Our facility does not use Freon gas; we use R 134, a different but more effective coolant which is more environment-friendly, unlike Freon.
  3. We will flush the coolant chamber and then recharge the system by injecting fresh coolant. If total coolant replacement is not needed, we will limit our services to topping up the coolant levels. Our facility sells the best coolant brands in the market.
  4. Lastly, we carry out an electronic leak test and check for any malfunctions. If any imperfections are remaining, we will carry out additional servicing.

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