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A healthy car battery adds value to your car for a variety of reasons. Batteries are vulnerable to low temperatures, poor handling, overuse and sloppy maintenance. Many car owners in the UK batteries need as much care as any other essential part of a vehicle. Many people overlook their car battery in Royton because they feel it is a ‘maintenance-free’ gadget, as most battery manufacturers often advertise.

At Quality Assured Fleet Services, we are capable of solving every battery-related issue for you.

The term ‘maintenance-free’ is a misnomer, however. Batteries need to properly maintained, preferably by professionals. If you live in or around Royton, you must seek out the best batteries repair in Royton. Before that, you must be aware of how to detect a malfunctioning unit.

Why does a car battery malfunction?

There are several reasons why your car’s battery may not work effectively. Some of the main pointers are:

  1. Prolonged exposure to cold weather: Cold climes are dangerous to batteries. The lower the temperature plummets, the more the load on the battery in providing power to the vehicle during ignition. Always keep your car stored indoors when the mercury starts plummeting.
  2. Age: Car batteries are not supposed to last indefinitely. Most batteries tend to exhibit poor behaviour after 5 years of use. While people do try and extend the service life of their car batteries, such practices often increase the risk of having to undergo multiple service sessions. Try and avoid using any car battery in Royton older than 5 years.
  3. Keeping the battery lying idle: Never keep your car’s battery lying idly around. Electrolyte levels are affected to a great extent. The damage thus sustained is permanent. Be sure to use the battery from time to time. Even brief usage can help prolong a car battery’s life.
  4. Running the AC, heater and headlights on the battery: Services which draw a substantial amount of electricity must be used only when the engine is on. Using power-hungry systems on just the battery can be detrimental over time.

Can I check if my car’s battery is malfunctioning?

There is a secret DIY tip you can follow. Use a multimeter to determine if your car’s battery has a voltage output of more than 12V. If it is less than that, battery replacements come into the picture. If the production is around 14V or above, the cell is in fine shape. Any reading between 12V and 14V indicates it’s time for a batteries repair in Royton.

How can we help you?

At Quality Assured Fleet Services in Royton, we can help you by repairing batteries and replacing them when necessary. Our repair works are affordably priced, and we store only the best brands. Bring your vehicle to our facility today, or book an appointment online via our website to jump the queue.

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