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The clutch system is easily one of the car’s most complicated systems. If your car’s clutch system breaks down, the chances are that it will require a complete replacement. Unlike what many car garages state, a ‘clutch repair’ is not always possible. Replacements are, more often, the only solution.

Live in and around Royton? We provide the best clutch repair in Royton. If your car’s clutch system is seizing, you can contact us at Quality Assured Fleet Services.

We are regarded by many as the best clutch replacement garage in Royton.

The issues with a car’s clutch system are manifold. From clutch slippage to broken flywheels, and from leaky hoses to a faulty clutch plate, there are many areas of a clutch which require constant care.

Here are some of the common problems.

Common clutch issues

The first indication the driver gets vis-a-vis the clutch is that it starts slipping. Gear shifting becomes a headache. The clutch mechanism has some moving parts, most of which are prone to damages and wearing. People who are just learning to drive also have heavy feet and an unsteady driving habit, meaning that they wear out the clutch and the brakes a lot faster.

At Quality Assured Fleet Services, we solve all common clutch-related issues as well as some specialised ones. These are:

  1. Worn-out clutch plate material, which causes needless and continuous clutch slippage.
  2. Broken pressure-plate diaphragm spring (if required).
  3. Reduced hydraulic pressure thanks to fluid leakage.
  4. Broken clutch cable. Even a poorly adjusted cable needs attention as part of general clutch repair in Royton.
  5. Noisy release-fork sticks, among many other issues.

Our special services

At our workshop, we have a fine team of qualified and experienced professionals who can carry out delicate operations like:

  • Flywheel machining.
  • Release fork machining.
  • Clutch pad replacements.
  • Cable and pedal replacements.
  • Replacement of clutch release bearing.

Besides, we also ensure you have the most modest prices on offer as far as clutch replacement garage in Royton is concerned.

Why bring your car to our facility?

At Quality Assured Fleet Services in Royton, we provide:

  • Timely delivery of your car after we have finished the operations required.
  • Our technicians ensure that there are no snags in the future by checking all possible avenues of existing but minor problems.
  • We provide complete peace of mind as our servicemen get to work on your car.
  • Technicians at our garage also dole out excellent advice on what to do and what to avoid while driving. We help people become safer drivers.

Visit us today and witness the quality of our work for yourself.

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