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A low sputtering noise, excessive fumes exiting the tailpipe and relatively poor mileage delivery are together typical symptoms of a faulty car exhaust system. Given the complicated structure of an exhaust system, you require the services of an exhaust repair garage in Royton to solve these issues. And with our new facility Quality Assured Fleet Services in town, you will never have to look forward to visiting any facility located at a distance to check your car’s exhaust.

Most common problems of exhaust systems are characterised by the loud and thumping noises, choking fumes and chugging sounds. At times, a malfunctioning exhaust does not show visible symptoms. It is necessary for pre-emptive check-ups.

Common symptoms of a faulty exhaust

A vehicle’s exhaust system is somewhat complicated, and you should only trust the expertise of professional technicians for exhaust repair in Royton.

Common symptoms of an exhaust system include:

  1. Excessive noise: Too much noise is usually an indication of a problem in the exhaust system. It is most often the first problem that comes to one’s attention. A rattling noise is the first to be heard, followed by a roaring noise. That indicates that the muffler has been damaged.
  2. Extremely low mileage: Mileage is one of those areas which take a hit when the exhaust system is in poor shape. That is because the engine consumes too much fuel and needs more power to accelerate. While there are many more reasons behind a decreasing fuel mileage, it more often than not boils down to exhaust problems, demanding an immediate exhaust repair in Royton.
  3. Car rapidly losing power: Generally, a properly functional exhaust can guarantee optimal fuel consumption and power unless there are issues with the engine. A faulty exhaust system is a different story. You will notice that your vehicle will continuously lose power, especially while accelerating.

Why is it dangerous driving around with a faulty exhaust?

At times, car owners drive around even when their vehicle’s exhaust system is malfunctioning. It is a dangerous trend. The primary job of an exhaust system is to void the toxic fumes. When in bad shape, these fumes may channel inside a car instead of being vented outside. Such instances can cause veritable health hazards.

Besides, exhausts which spew out noxious gases are a threat to the environment. They contribute wholesomely to environmental pollution. Finally, you will always fail an MOT test if you drive around with a faulty exhaust. For best results, visit your nearest exhaust repair garage in Royton.

What’s more, you no longer have to find the best service garage. You can now visit our facility, Quality Assured Fleet Services in Royton, on any working day.

How can we help?

At Quality Assured Fleet Services, our technicians are trained to solve any and every issues with your vehicle. Bring your car to our facility and have its exhaust system repaired comprehensively. Avoid future problems, pass MOT tests with ease and avoid paying fines for pollution.

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