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puncture repair

Punctures are unfortunate circumstances that most, if not all, motorists have faced already at least once. Punctures are one of the only weaknesses of pneumatic tyres which have been around since the inception of the tyres itself. Even today, more than a hundred years after the invention of pneumatic tyres, we are yet to find a definitive answer to this problem.

Quality Assured Fleet Services does the next best thing. We perform an accurate and timely puncture repair service in Royton. We understand that a puncture can render your only mode of transport completely useless, which is why we treat every puncture repair in Royton on a priority basis.

What do we cover in our puncture repair service?

At Quality Assured Fleet Services, you will find the most comprehensive puncture repair service in Royton. However, for safety purposes, the British road laws dictate that not all types of punctures are repairable. We repair the following kinds of leaks adhering to the British Standard BSAU159.

  • According to the law, we can only fix cuts which are in the central 3/4th area of a tyre. This area is known as the minor repair area. Any leak beyond this zone is too close to the sidewalls to perform repairs safely.
  • The BSAU159 also dictates the maximum size of the leak that is repairable. As such, we fix leaks which are below 6mm in diameter only.
  • It is also not permissible to repair the tyre if it has been subjected to repairs earlier.
  • The condition of the tyre is also something that we consider before performing a tyre repair in Royton. If the tyre is too worn out and does not have adequate tread depth left, we do not attempt to repair it for safety purposes.
  • Run-flat tyres cannot be repaired as it is impossible to determine the amount of damage they have suffered and if their internal structure is compromised.

Apart from these legal stipulations, we perform puncture repairs on all types of tyres.

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For a quick, effective and pocket-friendly tyre repair in Royton, bring your car to Quality Assured Fleet Services. We have experienced technicians in our ranks that have repaired punctures with ease over the years. If the leak is not repairable, you may purchase a new tyre from our vast collection stocking reputed international brands at affordable price points.

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