Summer Tyres

The road conditions in summer demand a specific type of tyre which can tackle the warm British weather and the unpredictable rains. Summer tyres are considered perfect tyres for the challenge. These tyres are ideal for all road conditions as long as the temperature stays consistently above 7°C.

At Quality Assured Fleet Services, you’ll find a plethora of summer tyres in Royton from all top tyre manufacturing companies. These tyres are considered the standard tyres as they are the most widely used tyres in circulation. Even most carmakers use summer tyres as their Original Equipment.

What makes summer tyres unique?

  • A combination of features makes summer tyres adept in handling the warm climate adequately. Some of these features are mentioned below.
  • A hard compound of rubber is used as the primary ingredient for manufacturing these tyres. It ensures that the tyre doesn’t lose its shape and provides maximum stability even at extremely high temperatures.
  • The shallow grooves ensure that the contact patch with the road is wide, providing for superior cornering abilities.
  • Summer tyres are incredibly durable and generally last longer than their winter or all-season counterparts.

These tyres are ideal for performance oriented vehicles.

Summer tyres price in Royton is slightly higher than the other variants but the durability of these tyres more than compensates for that.

It is because of these features that we highly recommend summer tyres to our customers during the warmer months of the year. Despite all these fantastic features, it is not recommended to drive with summer tyres when the temperature drops below 7°C. They can turn too stiff and even brittle under such circumstances, compromising your ride quality and potentially putting you at risk.

Which are the best summer car tyres in Royton?

There are practically hundreds of options available to our customers in the summer tyre segment of Quality Assured Fleet Services. It’s not possible to mention every summer tyre that we have in our stock. So, here are the top picks by our in-house experts for your convenience.

  • Bridgestone Expedia S-01
  • Bridgestone Potenza RE040
  • Goodyear Eagle GS EMT
  • Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2
  • Pirelli Cinturato P7
  • Dunlop SP Sport 01

All these summer tyres have a proven track record of delivering exceptional performance. There are numerous other models available at our workshop which you may browse before making a final selection.

Why visit Quality Assured Fleet Services in Royton?

We sport one of the largest collections of summer tyres in Royton and its surrounding areas. The best part is that you don’t even have to visit our workshop to buy a set. You can directly order your favourite tyres online from our website.

However, if you want to experience these tyres first-hand or need expert advice on choosing the best set for your car, feel free to drop by at our garage on any working day.

It’s advisable to call ahead and schedule an appointment.

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