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A car’s comfort and utility value is remarkably heightened when the suspension is in proper shape. The shocks and struts that make up a vehicle’s suspension mechanism suffer constant damage over its life, especially if you have frequent long drives over uneven terrain. Wear and tear of shock absorbers will leave the suspension in a state of disrepair and rides will get increasingly uncomfortable.

Our facility, Quality Assured Fleet Services, provides the best suspension repair in Royton. We can analyse and detect problems with the suspension system and fix them accordingly, within your budget and time.

Common signs of suspension malfunction

The first sign that something is wrong with the suspension is an unmistakable increase in the vibrations and jolting of a car, even when handling comparatively smooth roads. At our suspension repair garage in Royton, we also look out for other common symptoms.

  1. Drifting or pulling motions: Even when you are driving down a straight road, a car may tend to drift or pull to a direction. It might indicate a faulty suspension system. It mainly indicates that the shocks are unable to keep the vehicle stable against the centrifugal motion generated while in action.
  2. Dipping before stopping: After the brakes are applied, a car may dip suddenly nose-first and may loosen your control over it. Such motions are definite indications of a suspension system about to give out. Braking becomes difficult, and braking distance may increase by up to 20%.
  3. Uneven tyre wear: Uneven tread wear is often a dead giveaway of a malfunctioning suspension system. The tyre wear is focused on certain portions of the external surface, while other parts are untouched.
  4. Oily and leaking shocks: Your car may leave behind a small puddle of dark fluid when parked overnight if the suspension system is malfunctioning. Further inspection may reveal greasy or oily struts which are visible if you bend down a bit.

How can we help?

Quality Assured Fleet Services has a team of qualified technicians who can handle every aspect of a faulty suspension. We are widely trusted and rated as being the best suspension repair garage in Royton.

Once you bring your car to our facility, we will carry out inspections to determine where the issues lie and what manner of service is required. Post that, we will provide you with a quotation for our services. All our prices are at par with the best in the industry, and there are no hidden charges.

If you leave your vehicle with us overnight for suspension repair in Royton, we will replace any part too damaged to be repaired and mend other areas too. We provide the lowest downtime in the market, and our services are punctual.

Book an appointment today via our website, or call us to book one and avoid the rush.

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