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You can’t expect anything less than the best quality when buying tyres from the largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Bridgestone earns a proud legacy of over 6 decades and has been a major supplier of motorsport events, including Formula One. So when buying tyres, you can undoubtedly go for Bridgestone car tyres in Royton. Experts in our professional garage will help you to make the right choice of tyres so that you experience the best ride quality.

Why seek professional when buying tyres?

There are so many varieties of tyres that it’s easy to become confused on how to choose the right one. Here are our experts liaise with their experience and helps to fine-tune your selection process.

Professionals help you to choose the right tyres by considering factors such as –

  • The road conditions in which you regularly drive on.
  • Your vehicle and model specific requirements.
  • The handling performance level you expect from your car.
  • Desired fuel efficiency and your overall budget.
  • Your requirements, like how often you carry an extra load on your vehicle.
  • All necessary specifications like speed rating, tread design pattern, aspect ratio, etc.

Our experts in Quality Assured Fleet Services will be glad to answer all your tyre related queries. At our garage, we sell all kinds of tyres.

Types of car tyres we sell

We sell all kinds of Bridgestone car tyres in Royton. Hence, you can choose the one that’s best suited for your purpose.

  • Standard tyres

Also known as OE-fitted tyres, these tyres are the units originally fitted on a new car by manufacturers. They are tested on all significant performance parameters, so they are ideal for a variety of regular purposes.

  • Touring tyres

Fewer vibrations and lower decibel counts are the exemplifying features of these tyres. They are best suited for luxury cars where comfort is the topmost priority.

  • Sports tyres

These also go by the name of performance tyres and enables best-in-class handling characteristics. Exceptional performance even in wet conditions, high steering response, and cornering stability are what you experience after fitting sports tyres.

  • Summer tyres

Summer tyres are the best choice from June to August. The tougher tread compound in these tyres helps to resist heat better in hot tarmac.

  • Winter tyres

Winter tyres are a must when temperatures drop below 7°C. They comprise of softer tread compounds which remain pliable even in frigid temperatures. With winter tyres you will maintain optimal traction even on snow and sleet.

Best-selling Bridgestone tyres in Royton


Bridgestone’s Blizzak is a range of winter tyres that features high cornering stability and exceptionally low braking distance. Some other features of these tyres –

  • 3D sipes with specialised tread designs to balance between pattern stiffness and flexibility. Additionally, high volume inclined grooves create snow-to-shear force.
  • Rounded corner grooves help against aquaplaning.

Bridgestone’s collection of summer tyres, features –

  • Presence of high volume slots in the shoulder area enhances water evacuation.
  • Unique steel and polyester reinforcement facilitate lower rolling resistance.

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At Quality Assured Fleet Services, we only sell tyre models that have a reputation for delivering excellent performance. Our expert technicians will help you to choose the right tyres as per your requirement.

For convenience, you can also buy Bridgestone tyres online from our website. So, visit our garage today an avail the best service in Royton.



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