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One of the oldest players in the industry, Continental has set the benchmark for superior quality car tyres with their innovative tyre designs. Today, Continental ranks among the largest tyre manufacturers worldwide with operations spread across 180 countries. In Britain, they deal with numerous independent tyre retailers and garages, Quality Assured Fleet Services in Royton being one of the foremost.

We are a well-known retailer of Continental car tyres in Royton and its neighbouring areas. Our collection of Continental tyres is as extensive as it is affordable. Visit us today and browse through our massive selection and choose a set that best suits your purpose.

What are some popular Continental models?

Continental has shown its calibre both on the race tracks and regular streets. It is one of the most in-demand tyre brands at our garage. The following Continental car tyres in Royton are among the most popular models that we store.

  • SportContact 6

A max-performance summer tyre, the SportContact 6 was originally designed as an exclusive OE for Audi R8 V10 Plus. It combines high-speed stability with responsive handling thanks to Continental’s proprietary Black Chilli Compound.

  • ExtremeContact DWS

The ExtremeContact DWS is Continental’s offering in the UHP all-season category. It is equally proficient in both wet and dry road conditions. It can be used on light snow and slush as well.

A unique feature of this tyre is the visible performance markers in the form of the letters DWS (which stand for Dry, Wet and Snow) moulded into the ribs. When the ‘S’ fades away, it indicates that the tyre is fit for dry and wet conditions. Eventually, when the ‘W’ fades away, you can understand that the tyre has adequate tread depth left only for dry conditions.

  • ContiWinterContact TS790

ContiWinterContact TS790 is specifically designed to provide excellent performance in the chilly European winters. It features an asymmetric tread design with wide shoulder blocks for enhanced stability on snowy roads. The Cross-Linked Sipes (CLS) offer additional traction necessary for tackling winter road conditions.

Best Continental car tyres at Quality Assured Fleet Services

These are some popular Continental tyres in Royton at our garage. For the entire range, visit us today. Our expert technicians will show you around and help you choose the perfect set for your car.

You can even buy your Continental tyres online from our web store.

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