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Michelin is the world’s second largest tyre manufacturer. Thus when you purchase a set of Michelin car tyres in Royton, you get the assurance of years of expertise and research. Much of today’s tyre manufacturing industry owes to the inventions of Michelin. Michelin is the inventors of modern radial tyres and removable tyres. So, look no further and visit our garage to fit Michelin tyres on your car.

Top Michelin tyres in Royton


  • These tyres are designed for longevity. Tread pattern design oriented safety enables these tyres to maintain a high level of water clearance even after the tyre's tread is eroded to a great extent.
  • Primacy 4 is attributed to last 11,000 miles more than its competitors.
  • Outstanding wet braking performance that doesn't reduce even at low tread depths.


The tyre tread is made of a unique rubber compound that helps it to maintain flexibility across all temperatures.

  • Presence of bevel-edged tread blocks enhances dry braking performance.
  • Unique tread pattern that ends in a V-shape maximises traction on snow.
  • Presence of self-locking 3D sipes enables the lasting grip on snow.


  • Features excellent steering control facilitated by the presence of Aramid and Nylon belt.
  • Presence of an ultra-reactive tread pattern design that adapts continuously to road conditions.
  • High safety levels due to the presence of elastomers and hydrophobic silica that enables excellent braking even on wet conditions.

All the above tyre models are highly popular in the market. We sell all the above models of Michelin car tyres on our garage along with many other varieties.

Our expert technicians can help you choose the most suitable tyre for you and your vehicle as per the features of that model and more. Here’s a sneak peek!

Tyre tread design

Tread designs and patterns are one of the most obvious differences across tyre models. They are mainly of two kinds, asymmetric and directional tread design.

  • Directional – These tyres are meant to roll only in one direction, best against hydroplaning in wet conditions delivering superior handling and performance.
  • Symmetrical – Features uniform tread patterns throughout the tyre body. These tyres guarantee a longer service life.
  • Asymmetrical – These tyres combine a variety of tread patterns and are mainly used by sports cars.

Your driving preferences

Experts at Quality Assured Fleet Services consider your driving preferences to ensure that the tyres you fit on your car enhance vehicle performance.

Factors we consider before fitting new Michelin car tyres in Royton

  • Fuel efficiency – Tyres that have low rolling resistance are fuel-efficient.
  • Handling – Sports and performance tyres deliver excellent handling, like cornering stability and wet braking.
  • Driving conditions – Depending on the driving condition, like whether you frequent off road or on road, you’ll need to select a tyre accordingly.

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We sell Michelin tyres online as well. So now you can easily buy new car tyres from the comfort of your home.

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