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The Italian tyre manufacturer, Pirelli, has always experienced high demand at Quality Assured Fleet Services because of the wide range and superior quality of their tyres. They have a proven track record of delivering excellent tyres for all types of road and weather conditions. With a rich pedigree of over 145 years, Pirelli has been and still continues to be a world leader when it comes to tyres.

At Quality Assured Fleet Services, we stock Pirelli car tyres in Royton across all variants and price ranges. You will find summer, winter as well as all-season Pirelli tyres at our workshop apart from the obvious performance models.

Which are the best Pirelli tyres for different seasons?

As you probably already know, we need different tyres to tackle the road conditions of different seasons. The streets during summer are usually hot and dry with the occasional rainfall whereas, in winters, it is wet or covered in snow or ice. As such, tyres need to have different capabilities to handle these varying conditions.

Pirelli has one of the largest varieties of tyres for conditions ranging from scorching heat to sub-zero temperatures. Some of the best tyres in each category are mentioned below.

For summer use:

  • P Zero
  • Cinturato P7
  • Scorpion Verde (For street/sports truck)

These Pirelli car tyres in Royton have shallow grooves and are made from a harder rubber compound which provides stability at high temperatures.

For all-season use:

  • P Zero Nero All-season
  • P4 Four Seasons Plus
  • Scorpion Verde All-season (For SUV/Crossover Touring)

Pirelli all-season tyres are ideal for places which have moderate temperature throughout the year. These Pirelli car tyres in Royton combine the best of summer tyres and winter tyres ensuring above-par performance regardless of the weather conditions. These are great budget options since you don’t have to use two sets of tyres every year.

Note that all-season tyres shouldn’t be used in extreme weather conditions. So, if your area experiences heavy snowfall or scorching heat, opt for winter and summer tyres instead.

For winter use:

  • Ice Zero FR
  • Winter Snowsport
  • Scorpion Ice & Snow

Pirelli winter tyres are primarily made from a softer compound of rubber which does not go stiff in freezing temperatures. The defining feature of these tyres is the presence of numerous sipes which exert the extra bite of ice and snow.

If your area experiences heavy snowfall, our experts recommend using a snow chain as studded tyres aren’t allowed in most parts of the UK.

Why choose us?

Quality Assured Fleet Services has one of the most extensive collections of Pirelli car tyres which you can get your hands on. Moreover, we have a team of in-house experts who will guide you through the entire process of purchasing the best set of tyres for your car.

We also offer the option of buying Pirelli tyres online. Just input some details on the tyre selector on our home page and browse through all the compatible tyres for your vehicle!

Visit us today for your next set of Pirelli tyres!



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