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wheel alignment

It is very common for a car’s wheels to get misaligned. Frequent kerbing, undulating and pockmarked or cratered roads, poor driving habits and hard braking can all contribute to misaligned and unbalanced wheels. Laser wheel alignment is the answer, and in most countries, it is a part of a regular car servicing session.

Wheel alignment in Royton is crucial to increase vehicular performance, mileage and longer life.

That is where we, Quality Assured Fleet Services, come into play. Our facility at Royton has a trained team of technicians who avail the latest technological advancements and carry out laser wheel alignment. Laser alignment is more precise than traditional wheel alignment and costs about the same but saves you time.

What is laser wheel alignment?

The alignment procedure involves using light beams to ensure that the car’s wheels are in proper alignment, especially the front ones. Our technicians attach light brackets to all four wheels and use an overhead projector from one tyre to another. Depending on where it focuses, wheel alignments and their angles of misalignment can be measured.

Our computerised services help measure alignment angles accurately, and fast. Once that is done, we carry out the requisite alignment process at our facility. Quality Assured Fleet Services is the best 4 wheel alignment garage in Royton.

When is laser wheel alignment needed?

There are specific symptoms which manifest themselves just before a car needs wheel alignments. They are:

  • Vehicle pulling to the left or the right: Even when you drive in a straight line, a vehicle may tend to pull towards a particular direction if the wheels are misaligned. It is risky and may cause unforeseen situations on roads. If you find your car is pulling towards an angle, contact our service personnel at Quality Assured Fleet Services.
  • Uneven tyre wear: Tyre wear is common; uneven wear is not. If there is excess wearing of certain sections of your car’s tyres, but other parts remain unaffected, it is a symptom of wheel misalignment.
  • Steering wheel shuddering: The steering wheel and the column itself may shake if wheels are misaligned. Such vibrations start near the floorboards but eventually spread to the steering wheel. It can affect control over the car and can lead to mishaps.

Our laser wheel alignment services

Quality Assured Fleet Services provides the best-in-class wheel alignment in Royton. In case you notice any of the symptoms mentioned here, or if you are seeing a steady decline in fuel economy, a wheel alignment session may be in order.

At our facility, you will get the best prices, offers and packages. Being the best 4 wheel alignment garage in Royton, we use cutting edge technology. Contact us to book an appointment on any working day and skip the queue.

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