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wheel balancing

Wheel balancing is a crucial part of the overall maintenance of your vehicle. Often confused with wheel alignment, wheel balancing is essential for a smoother and a safer drive. Very simply put, wheel balancing involves placing small weights around the wheel assembly and tyre so that the entire unit is evenly balanced.

When carried out scientifically and professionally, wheel balancing ensures that your car moves smoother than earlier, increases mileage and minimises the risks of road accidents.

If you are looking forward to a safer drive, our facility at Quality Assured Fleet Services can help with a precision wheel balancing in Royton at reasonable prices.

When do your car’s wheels need balancing?

There are some symptoms which are indicative that the car wheels require a wheel balancing session. The most common ones are:

  • Uneven and rapid wear: Unbalanced tyres are prone to fast and uneven tyre wear. This wear is mostly located in the central 3/4th part of the tyre in most cases, while the shoulder treads are affected too.

A particular type of wearing, called ‘feathering’ is also observed. In this scenario, tread ribs are sharp on one side and worn out on the other. A professional wheel balancing garage in Royton can help you prevent such tyre damage.

  • Poor fuel efficiency: One of the first parameters which will take a hit is the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Even on motorways, the mileage output continues to dip. In the UK, most cars use high-octane fuel, designed to provide better fuel efficiency and power.

But poorly balanced tyres will eat into that advantage. It is advisable to maintain a log detailing mileage delivered. If over time, you see the graph declining; perhaps it is time for a wheel balancing session in Royton.

  • Steering wheel vibration: Improperly-balanced tyres will set off vibrations in the steering wheel, making it rather difficult to control the car, even on smooth and warm roads. These vibrations eventually spread to the entire steering column, which reaches a tipping point and renders the vehicle practically un-driveable. In such cases, a wheel balancing in Royton will assist you to have a better drive.

A wobbly ride: Unbalanced wheels will cause the car to jump a lot on roads, even while the suspension is in good shape. These vibrations are observed mostly in the rear seats and on the car’s floorboards. When driving on slightly uneven roads or over speed-breakers, these vibrations become noticeable enough to cause a very uncomfortable drive.

Top-end wheel balancing techniques

Bang-on weights were used previously, while adhesive weights are relatively new. Most alloy wheels have adhesive weights, as they are not prone to dislocation and can last a long while.

At Quality Assured Fleet Services in Royton, we usually prefer adhesive weights to solve wheel balancing issues. While the latter type costs marginally more, they deliver more value that bang-on weights.

Wheel balancing is also a must-do when you buy a new set of tyres or get your existing wheels rotated. Automobile experts believe that such an operation should be undertaken once every 5,000 miles. Never wait if you face vibrations or any other problems when driving; they can be indicative of unbalanced wheels. Bring your car to your nearest wheel balancing garage in Royton.

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