Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are useful during the frigid and prolonged winter months in the United Kingdom. Snow car tyres in Royton, as they are also known, must be used once the mercury plummets below 7°C. In the extreme northern parts of the UK, these tyres are an absolute must-have. They cannot be replaced with an all-season tyre.

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At times, the snow gets so heavy and roads so sleety that you have to purchase studded tyres. These variants are vital to tackle challenging tarmac conditions typical for winters.

How are winter tyres different?

If you compare winter tyres in Royton with any other type of wheels, some differences will immediately become obvious.

  • Winter tyres have broader treads which are open and deep. The void ratio, which is the ratio between rubber and open surfaces, is higher than most tyres, which makes these models look bigger than they are.
  • Snow tyres also come with specialised shoulder blocks, which showcase a markedly different tread design on the outside rim allowing greater traction and manoeuvrability.
  • The aspect ratio of winter tyres is narrower in comparison to other types of tyres. It ensures that these tyres are free from the plowing effect, where a tyre’s traction gets stymied by its diameter.
  • The rubber has additional layers of siping or thin slits which allows water to seep through.
  • Although not noticeable to a naked eye, winter tyres have a remarkably hydrophilic rubber. It is capable of absorbing water from the surface when running and prevents skidding or slipping on roads.
  • Snow tyres are usually heavier than most other types, but the rubber used is much softer. It is because softer rubber can better adapt to slippery roads and help in accelerating better and braking safely.

These features make winter tyres indispensable during the colder months of the year.

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